Today my son has been with us for 18 months, he’s walking, running, and starting to talk. He’s yelling and crying and doing everything right. Today at the doctor his little body measurements were all well above the little graph lines indicating typical baby growth.

He’s everything I could imagine, and then everything else beyond my ability to foresee.

One day I’ll tell him that his little spirit held me together. That my sister and mother both passed away in the four months preceding his Birthday. That he came to me exactly when I needed an anchor in this world to tie my life to. That I’m so grateful that my spirit dwells here with his.

Where does music fit in?

I know he’s going to share stages with me. He’s going to meet who I meet, and see my where music takes me.

I give of myself by sharing melody, and by taking care of my family; being a father, and a musician.