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Chuck Copenace’s music is soulful, dynamic, jazz fusion, featuring heavy basslines, intricate beats and amazing solos. 

Chuck Copenace – Trumpet, Rhodes

Victor Lopez – Guitar

Ashley Au – Bass

Brendan Kinley – Drums

Kyle Wedlake – Alto Sax







Amp Promo Video 2015

Urban Shaman Art Gallery – May 26th 2017


Sundance and Music

I can say I’m a sundancer now, although I probably won’t be saying that too much in my day to day life.  I did fast and complete that 4day ceremony though. I prayed, and did all that I expected of myself, even did a bit better. I spent a lot of that time reflecting and …

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Chuck Copenace Music
Chuck Copenace Music4 days ago
Another new groove in the works... Old mixed with the new. Just like me, hang on I'm actually mostly old.
Chuck Copenace Music
Chuck Copenace Music
Chuck Copenace Music1 week ago
shiny sparkly elk skull